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Discussion in 'Bug & Glitch Reports' started by Pie4Dayz, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Pie4Dayz

    Pie4Dayz Event Team

    not sure if this was covered but...
    This was suprising for me. It was most likly a accident but if you plant the bomb and you put a gun over the bomb you cant defuse.
  2. xGalifi

    xGalifi Event Team

    I've never seen this happen, thanks for reporting. That could be the difference between defusing in time or not!
  3. F3RULLO14

    F3RULLO14 Creeper

    ??? You have to use the defuse kit, also, if you are defusing and someone walks over it, you will stop
  4. Pie4Dayz

    Pie4Dayz Event Team

    Someone died over the bomb and there gun was on the bomb which was blocking me from defusing
  5. Asians FTW™

    Asians FTW™ Legendary Member

    It's probably because any entity in the way will hinder the ability to defuse the bomb.
  6. Pie4Dayz

    Pie4Dayz Event Team

    Thanks for helping me Asian, the bug got fixed!
  7. LPops

    LPops Zombie

    Still borken
    help pls

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