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    Your access to these game is a ‘privilege’, and not a ‘right’. Counter Craft reserves the right to suspend your access to these game at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines.

    You also must remember to follow the "terms of service" at all times. The following guidelines are a simple interpretation of them


    1. Community Rules

    Counter Craft is a first person shooter based around minecraft, There are a variety of games to play from and the rules apply to all gamemodes. While we are a FPS game we do recommend you to be 18+ however since this is minecraft we do see a very young audience. We have a set of general community rules outlined below that applies to all community members.

    1. We demand all of our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. In other words, don't be a dick.

    2. You are not allowed to insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other counter craft members. This goes for all kinds of communication mediums, not just messages sent through counter craft services.

    3. You are not allowed to spam, advertise, search for vulnerabilities, exploit bugs or otherwise disrupt functionality of any services related to counter craft.

    4. All forum posts must keep a high standard and add a constructive and meaningful opinion that contributes to the thread at hand. Examples of non-constructive and non-contributing replies are simple and meaningless expressions like “lol”, jokes, memes, banter or replies containing only pictures, gifs or other unrelated media. Off topic forums and status updates are the only areas on the website exempt from this rule.

    5. All content shared through counter craft services should be “Safe For Work” we don’t operate a NSFW space.

    6. Do not reply to old threads with no new relevant information (also known as "necro"). The general rule is that all threads with last reply older than 3 months should not be replied to unless absolutely necessary.

    7. Certain forum sections have special rules applied to them, for example the report or ban appeal forums. The rules for those sections are always outlined in a sticky thread inside those forums and are not included within the general community rules.

    8. User titles, avatars, signatures and post contents may not imitate or try to replicate official staff warnings/statements, awards, badges or Premium perks.

    9. You are not allowed to use animated gifs, videos, sound or other interactive content in profile fields like avatars, signatures, profile background, character pictures or other profile fields, unless it is otherwise agreed upon.

    10. You may not promote or glorify players that have been banned from counter craft. If you recognize or come into contact with banned players on any counter craft related services, you are required to report them to a staff member. Failing to do so may lead to you being punished for harboring or assisting a banned player..


    2. Cheating & Exploiting

    Cheating is using 3rd party programs in order to get unfair advantage over other players in game. Examples of cheating are esp, auto-aim software or injecting scripts into the game, Other forms of exploiting or cheating are any form of modification to the code to change anything in game that should not be there. Cheaters are not welcome in our community!

    1. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating, exploiting or any attempt thereof. These actions may result in instant and permanent removal from the community.

    2. We honour all FAC bans and will not remove any bans unless we have sufficient evidance and reason to do so.

    3. Anyone caught using third-party modifications that give an advantage over other players will be instantly and permanently banned.

    4. Accusations of cheating should only be posted on the forums & discord in the reports section

    5. Anyone editing the bytemode or modifying game files to change anything in game is subject to a permanent ban from our community.


    3. Staff Authority

    This rule is mostly just for reference in regards to how the community staff operates and defines the special privileges given to the administrator team.

    1. Administrators are authorized to use any means necessary to catch rule breakers as long as it does not affect the community, gameplay or community image negatively. Administrators are authorized to override any decision made by lower staff ranks or community vote.

    2. Administrators are allowed to punish players for actions not covered on this rule page, as long as they consider the action or players behavior to be damaging to the community, gameplay or community image.

    3. Community leaders have an amendatory veto over administrator team decisions. And the owner has the final say to everything listed or unlisted here and he can change the rules at any time with or without notice to you.

    4. If an appeal on the forums is denied you still have a chance to message CakeBrains “Skraaaah!” directly on discord. You must provide a clear description of the event along with an explanation of how the decision made was incorrect.


    4. Punishments

    Staff uses a warning system to punish those who break our rules.

    1. You are entitled to create one ban appeal per punishment. Only punishments received within the last 30 days may be appealed.

    2. All punishments for breaking rules are open for discussion within staff. We have a list of standard punishments for each rule break, however the final punishment is chosen based on many different factors and context surrounding the situation. Administrators are free to deviate from this list in any way they see necessary, see rule 2 & 3 under Staff Authority.



    Repeatedly violating any area of the Counter Craft Terms of Use or Forum Code of Conduct, including the areas detailed above, will often result in permanent ban from the forums & game
    This policy is not language-restrictive. Language that falls under this policy will always be subject to the repercussions listed, whether it is inappropriate in English or any other language.

    The bottom line is that we want Counter Craft to be a fun and safe environment for all players. While playing Counter Craft and posting on its forums, you will encounter thousands of other players who share different experiences and come from vastly different backgrounds. While certain language and images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that that same language and images may have a completely different effect on someone else. We’ve done everything we can to make this a great environment – now it’s up to you!
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