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    Shred T3x regulates and activates protein synthesis which Responsible for male characteristics and therefore maturity sexuelle. La DHT is only active androgen because it is able to bind to the cytosolic receptor to induce cell proliferation and the production of proteins in the cell nucleus to the passage after it is C of the active hormone is androgen hormone 3Shred T3x- Times more powerful than Shred T3x of its similarity androgènes.Plus not DHT receptor least bioavailability Shred T3x. On the other hand Shred T3x introduction of muscle cells but also kidney and larynx not experiencing the conversion of DHT Shred T3x active anabolism in fact the reason is the fact that the hormone DHT definition :. The action of DHT is to accelerate the life cycle of certain hair and fix sensors androgens AR follicular hair cells . This acceleration of ormale on the implanted hair follicles and roots of hell production level costrin gendo to finer hair and short exhausted end miniature follicular and final In sum only thinning then nothing .

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