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  1. use any map that fits, the game mode would allow you to select any pistol (includes skins players have set to default) and defaults to knife. no primary slots or selections. you only have one bullet in the gun. you get 1 bullet every time you kill a player. this game mode would make deagles overpowered when it comes to headshot masters, but would also reduce pistol spammers and give knife users a place to hone their skills. bullets reset to 1 if you die, just like in the other game modes. other then the weapon selection limits, i think that a new achievement coin should be available if players can win Top 3 players 10 times in a row (this is optional). Aside from all the specifications above, the game spawns and teaming rules are equivalent to Free For All.

    not sure how this game mode would work, but i think it would be interesting to see, seeing as there are similar gamemodes in other First Person Shooter games.
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  2. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Ghast

    Would be cool, but 10 times in a row would be far too less for anyone decent at the game. Would have to be around 100 or something.
  3. Nanta18

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    I like the idea but
    100 in row is way too much but 100 in total would be good
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  4. BGcreeper101

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    yeah cuz imagine if you make it 99 times in a row and in the 100th your wifi just says "not happening"
  5. again, my idea was just an idea. mods and devs and all them can refine the idea to be better suitable
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    CHEESYMAC Event Team

    you're right their is only one monster in the chamber of secrets. Or is der?
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  7. BGcreeper101

    BGcreeper101 Spider

    yeah... they will "refine it" XD
    nah untill we dont make it the perfect idea not a chance

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