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  1. Phoenix

    Phoenix The Bird

    Crosshair Name: Veteran
    Author: GoldenPhoenix2
    Description: A lot of people were wondering what cross-hair I started using, this is the custom cross-hair by me.
    Screenshot (55).png

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  2. Phoenix

    Phoenix The Bird

    Rip download didn't work, give me a sec.

    EDIT: Fixed :D
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  3. wanted4fun

    wanted4fun Enderman

    what a terrible crosschair!

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  4. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Ghast

    nice but im sticking to my other one i might download this later
  5. HxD_Demon

    HxD_Demon Chicken

    This is wonderful m8 I love it
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  6. Phoenix

    Phoenix The Bird

    Lol thanks! I can see your enjoying it very much :D
  7. HxD_Demon

    HxD_Demon Chicken

    Yup I am definetly Enjoying it I use it like all the time :p
  8. flopflip3

    flopflip3 Zombie

    how tf do you use that
  9. oKingu

    oKingu Skeleton

    • necroposting
  10. Phoenix

    Phoenix The Bird

    Woah, did we just break a record? The comment before Flops was 1 year and 2 months ago... Wow
  11. Tam

    Tam Wolf

    I guess.
    Anyways, amazing crosshair. I'm easily hitting P250 shots. Cheesy's crosshair sucks compared to it.
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  12. Phoenix

    Phoenix The Bird

  13. Asians FTW™

    Asians FTW™ Legendary Member

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