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    We have quite a lot of bug fixes in this update for you all finally!

    As requested we edited the knife knock back, its now halved in game this should make it a bit more competitive for you and easier to get knife kills rather than the user jumping half way around the map.

    To combat hacking we added in a VPN blocker thats updated with new IP ranges every time we catch hackers using VPN's

    We have also added in clan tags that can be edited on the profile page! They cant be managed yet but in the future we may introduce a "clan" system.

    There are also lots of updates for competitive that make everything more enjoyable for you

    And finally! the "ear rape" is gone after many requests to turn down the volume at the end of a match.

    - Edited knife knockback
    - Edited FFA Head at top of screen
    - Edited all sounds after match lowered in audio
    - Edited bomb damage radius in comp.
    - Added VPN blocker on matchmaking
    - Added bomb acting like gun death
    - Added kill feed highlighting relative to the player looking
    - Added Clan Tags (edited via profile page and seen in tab in games). (Limited to 4 letters, numbers or characters).
    - Added comp information saving such as money, kills, deaths etc when relogging.
    - Removed multiple death bug when rejoining comp
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    what took you so long.
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  3. Dan.

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    Was busy failing No Nut November.
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    CHEESYMAC Event Team

    what about the awp?
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  5. Juandito

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    when will the awp be fixed, it's still borked
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  6. Dan.

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    Don’t give me that. It’s pure trash.
  7. Zlion

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    oh shit it's november :/
  8. Dan.

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    ded thread.
  9. 1. I had a few Times i didn't aimed exactly on a Player but i Hit him although the crosshair wasn't on him. Maybe the hitbox is to big.

    2. Is the map "Azthek" fixed now?
    (Getting on top or roofs of the map)
  10. Llamacraft

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    Wasn’t this added in the old update?
  11. LPops

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    Not the smartest one, are we?
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  12. Llamacraft

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    Says the dumbass who got himself banned from Avansies and left this team to chase the broken dream of being staff on cd xD
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  13. Asians FTW™

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  14. Update: brad bans all who know of Dave
  15. LPops

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    vry sad
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  16. BGcreeper101

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    wow that delayed response XD

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