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The Counter Craft modpack is based off of popular modern and old school shooter games. Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter Strike are the three primary styles of games the modpack will simulate with its own twist. To bring Minecraft players a brand new experience within the client mini games including guns. Linking friends, the community and game play. The modpack will revolve around minigames such as TDM, Infected and Hunger Games. All custom coded and introduce gun gameplay to Minecraft.

On the main menu will be a play button or party button. The normal play button will prompt you the desired game modes and maps then add your client to a matchmaking system. When creating a party, users can add friends, select the party settings and hit search.

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Counter Craft is a Mini-Game based modpack with 6 unique game modes. Each game offers EXP levelling, multilayer interaction and much more!


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The Counter Craft Mod comes with a built in friend system! Add your friends, invite them to your games or just hold a friend conversation with them! The best part, its all free!


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Our Network is based in the United States with data centres transferring lightning fast player statistics all over the world! The Network is running on serious hardware with nothing but the fastest software!


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Go ahead! Explore the website, modpack and community! Thousands of hours have been spent to bring you, the player, the best experience possible with or without your friends!